About Us

Since early 2006, AMORE baby portraits has dedicated its services for babies’ and children’s photography. Our personalized service, experienced staffs and private studios are trained and designed to ensure your little loved ones have fun and comfortable photo sessions.


Our portraits are classic and timeless with your child as the focus in every pictures. Check out our gallery to see our most precious work.


Since we opened, we have been an avid collector of children’s costumes with over 450 collections from all over the world. Many toys are also provided for your children to play with inside our spacious studios. As all parents know, children LOVE to play pretend and use a dash of their wild imagination.


We allocate as much as 2 hours for your private session so your little loved ones will have enough time to play, to have a quick break or snack, and even to take a quick nap in between shots for. After all, they are our stars and we would like them to enjoy their time as much as we do!


We have had fun and lovely moments with over thousands of children photographed by us. We are looking forward to see you at our studio soon!


AMORE baby portraits